Information in different languages

We’ve added Browsealoud to our site (a digital inclusion toolbar from Texthelp) that offers reading and translation support helping you to access and understand our online content better. To learn about how to use Browsealoud in another language please see below.

Translating and interpreting information

Browsealoud can translate text into 99 languages and read text aloud in 40 languages.

Try it out for yourself…Click on the orange ‘speak’ button that you can see at the top of the website page.  This will launch the Browsealoud toolbar along the top of the page- which if you click on the icon in the toolbar, it will allow you to select a language and will convert all the website into that language. If you want it to read that language out loud press the icon. 

To find out more about all the Browsealoud features please see here: Browsealoud information and help page


Below are some existing resources that have been translated in different languages and BSL.  


Maternity Safety Information

North West Maternity Safety Information provides key safety messages in 12 different languages.

COVID-19 information:

Doctors of the World provide general information on COVID-19 in many different languages.

The Deaf Health Charity has information on COVID-19 in British Sign Language.

This is the NHS Pregnancy and Coronavirus video in British Sign Language.

General Pregnancy information:

Baby Centre provides a range of articles and resources in a variety of different languages.

UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative provide information on breastfeeding and bottle feeding in different languages. 

MAMA Academy have a Pregnancy Essentials leaflet in various different languages. 

Tommy’s offer information on Reduced Fetal Movements in different languages.

Labour Pains offers information about pain relief during labour in different languages.

There are Antenatal Education videos with subtitles available and in BSL at the NHS Homerton University Hospital website.

Getting it Right First time – bonding and attachment with your baby in Sylheti.