During Pregnancy

The following pages will help guide you through your pregnancy journey. You will find details of what to expect during your pregnancy, choices that you can make and how to contact your chosen midwife team. The information here can be used to support your conversations with your midwife.

When is my baby due?

One of the first questions you may want to know is when your baby will be born.

If you know the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP) you can use the calculator to work out your estimated due date (EDD).

Your first routine scan occurs between 11-14 weeks of pregnancy and will confirm your EDD.

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What to expect when you are expecting

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Finding out you’re expecting a baby, especially for the first time, can be an exciting but also daunting experience. You probably have lots of questions about who you should contact, what you need to do now and when you get to have your first scan.

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Pregnancy Timeline

As soon as you have confirmed you are pregnant, usually by taking a pregnancy test, please arrange to see the midwife from your chosen provider.

The routine appointments are as follows, however you may have additional appointments should they be required.

1st contact

Dependent upon who you have chosen to provide your care, this first contact may be at the GP, in a community clinic or by phone.

Booking appointment

Usually takes place between 8-10 weeks. This appointment may take place in a clinic, at home or at the hospital. Lots of information will be given to you during this appointment and screening tests will be offered, including blood tests. You will be given pregnancy notes, and on the front will be your named midwife (the midwife coordinating your care) and contact details. These notes are yours throughout your pregnancy and you are encouraged to read them; write questions and always bring them to every appointment relating to your pregnancy and birth.

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Preparing for Birth

There are many things you can do to improve your birth experience.  Understanding how your body works to your advantage and focusing on what comfort measures or coping strategies you want to use.  Remember to relax. You can do this! Birth is natural process and your body was built to do it.

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If you wish to change your choices

The aim of this website is to provide you with choices regarding where you give birth.

However, the decisions that you make regarding where to give birth can be changed.  Should you for any reason wish to change where you wish to give birth, you will need to let your named midwife know as soon as possible.

Should you wish to still stay with the same maternity provider, and want to change your intended place of birth, simply let your named midwife know. You will not be asked to attend another booking appointment as you are not changing provider.

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