Preparing for Birth

There are many things you can do to improve your birth experience.  Understanding how your body works to your advantage and focusing on what comfort measures or coping strategies you want to use.  Remember to relax. You can do this!

Things you may want to think about:


Being in a peaceful environment with low levels of light is preferable in terms of ensuring that the hormones which help women give birth can continue to be released.  Think about how you can create this environment wherever you choose to have your baby.

Antenatal classes

Taking antenatal classes can be a great way of understanding more about labour and birth, how to prepare and to think about where to have your baby.  Classes are available both through the NHS and privately.

Active Birth

Keeping active during labour is a great way of feeling more comfortable and there are a range of positions that women find help them manage contractions.  From controlled breathing to gentle exercises, such as movements and swaying, you don’t just have to stay in one spot.  Classes such as pregnancy yoga/pilates and aquanatal may help you prepare.


Hypnobirthing is a method of pain management involving visualisation, relaxation and deep-breathing techniques during birth. Many women find that it helps them manage contractions effectively.  Classes, downloads and apps are available to teach the techniques.