Acknowledgements & thanks

The Antenatal Education work is an ongoing project developed with lecturers, midwives, student midwives, the GMEC MVP and LMS and many other teams around Greater Manchester & Eastern Cheshire. 

Thank you for helping and contributing to develop this essential resource. We hope to continue improving it.

Contributions by:

Nicole Rajan-Brown

Ella Clegg

Kate Bowman-Worrall

Zoe Burns

Amanda Hadley

Jennifer Nolan

Paula Sokolowska

Emily Hilton

Josiane Smyth

Chelsea Arnold

Joana Centeio dos Santos

Amal Al-Alawi

Leah Thomas

Alice Brumfitt

Rebecca Beasley

Jennifer Clapham-Harvey

Errin Coull

Annabel Flack

Eleanor Macdonald

Bethany Tranter

Megan Hughes

Thanks to:

The University of Manchester

Christine Furber

Alison Cooke

Helen White

The University of Salford

Helen Cameron

Jeanne Lythgoe

Greater Manchester & Eastern Cheshire Maternity Voices Partnership

Thank you to all other professionals involved in contributing, reviewing and supporting the development of this work/project.