Oral Health during pregnancy

Healthy lifestyle habits such as avoiding alcohol, not smoking and eating a balanced diet help to protect our teeth and gums.

Lifestyle tips to keep your mouth healthy during pregnancy:

  • If you are pregnant or planning a pregnancy, the safest approach is not to drink alcohol at all (to protect your health and your baby). Alcohol increases the chance of tooth decay.
  • Quit smoking. Smoking increases the risk of gum disease and the chance of losing teeth as well as risk of harm to your baby.
  • Try to reduce eating sugary foods and drinks. Limit these to the 3 main mealtimes and if hungry in-between meals, have a tooth friendly snack.
  • If your gums bleed, keep brushing and flossing and ask you dental team for advice
  • If you have morning sickness (nausea and vomiting), rinse your mouth with plain water after each time you are sick. This will help prevent the acid in your vomit from damaging your teeth. Do not brush your teeth straight away as they will be softened by the acid from your stomach. Wait about an hour before brushing your teeth.

What about Dentist Appointments?

Before COVID-19, we all would be recommended to have regular dental check-ups including during pregnancy.

In March 2020, all dental practices were instructed to stop all routine face to face check-ups and treatment due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This will be the position until further notice. When it is safe to do so, dental practices will start to see patients again for check-ups.

All dental practices can still be reached by telephone for advice and prescriptions if appropriate. They can also arrange for an emergency appointment for you at an Urgent Dental Centre if you need it. For urgent dental care when your dental practice is closed (e.g. overnight, weekends and bank holidays) call the Greater Manchester Urgent Dental Care Service on 0333 332 3800 (freephone).

What if I’m not registered with a dentist?

To find dental practices in your area, search for your postcode through the Greater Manchester Service Finder.

Greater Manchester Service Finder

Do you have a question about your oral health?

If you have a question about your oral health, please contact a dentist in your area. To find dental practices in your area, please search through the Greater Manchester Service Finder above.

Another source of free and impartial advice is the Oral Health Foundation which is a charity. All enquiries are completely confidential, and it is staffed by fully trained oral health experts and dental nurses. The Foundation website, has frequently asked questions available and an online enquiry form linked below.  Alternatively, they can be contacted by telephone on 01788 539 780.

Dental Enquiry Form

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