Transcript – Soothing your baby

Crying is normal behaviour in babies and is one of the ways they communicate with you. Babies start to cry more frequently from around 2 weeks of age; peaks at around 2 months of age and then starts to decline, so that by 4-5 months of age the crying periods have dramatically reduced.  Babies cry for many reasons, including when they are hungry, have a wet nappy, are tired or when they want to have a cuddle.  If you are unsure why your baby is crying, there are many ways you can soothe your baby:

You can hold your baby in skin to skin. If you are breast/chest feeding, your baby will find suckling comforting. A little noise can be calming and that could be hearing your voice or listening to music. You can hold your baby close and gently rock from side to side. Sometimes a warm bath can help.

Hearing your baby cry can be upsetting and if it is getting to you, it is okay to walk away if you have checked the baby is safe.  After a few minutes when you are feeling calm, go back and check on the baby.

Never shake a baby as it can cause lasting damage and even death.  If you think you need support once your baby is born, please reach out to your midwife or health visitor – there will always be somebody here to support you in your parenting journey.

You can also find more information on the ICON website.